Girls Christening Gowns

    Christening Gown Made From Your Wedding Dress$349.00
    Satin & Organza Christening Gown With Beaded Lace & Embroidered Cross, Slip & Hat$459.00
    Organza With Crosses & Embroidered Hail Mary Prayer Gown$409.00
    Girls Detachable Embroidered Prayer Gown, Dress & Panties and Bonnet$459.00
    The Hail Mary Christening Gown for Girls$469.00
    Guardian Angel Unisex Christening Gown, Personalized Slip & Girl/Boy Hat$369.00
    Embroidered English Netting Lace Christening Gown, Slip & Bonnet$399.00
    Heirloom Christening Gown With Boy & Girl Detachable Bibs$339.00
    Unisex Embroidered Cross Christening Gown$269.00
    Unisex Christening Gown with Embroidered Cross, Personalized Slip & Bonnets$279.00
    100% Cotton Batiste Unisex Christening Gown with Embroidered Crosses$249.00
    Organza with Bows Christening Gown, Personalized Slip & Bonnet$279.00
    Scalloped Embroidered Organza with Crosses & Heart Christening Gown, Slip & Bonnet$299.00
    Girls Christening Gown With Heart/Cross Victorian Lace & Fleur-de-lis Embroidery, Slip & Bonnet$369.00
    Embroidered Crosses With Beaded Trim Christening Gown$359.00
    Chantilly Lace Girls Christening Gown, Personalized Slip & Bonnet$289.00
    Girls Embroidered Organza with Sequins & Pearls Christening Gown$429.00
    Embroidered Organza with Crosses Christening Gown$279.00
    Embroidered Floral Organza with Hearts & Beaded Trim Christening Gown, Personalized Slip & Bonnet$359.00
    Ivory Iridescent Sparkle Embroidered Netting Christening Gown & Bonnet$289.00
    Rosebud Embroidered Organza Gown With Bonnet$289.00
    Cutwork Bows Organza Christening Gown$309.00
    Rosebud Embroidered Organza with Beaded & Floral Inset Christening Gown & Bonnet$429.00
    Beaded and Embroidered Netting Girls Designer Christening Gown & Bonnet$449.00
    Beaded Organza With Flowers Christening Gown, Slip & Bonnet$449.00
    Sequin & Beaded Organza Christening Gown & Bonnet$359.00
    Organza With Flowers Girls Christening Gown & Bonnet$299.00
    Hand Smocked Girls Christening Gown$399.00
    Hand Smocked Girls Cotton Christening Gown With French Lace, Slip & Bonnet$429.00
    Hand Smocked 100% Cotton Christening Gown, Slip & Bonnet$379.00
    Hand Smocked Christening Gown With Crosses & Rosebuds$379.00
    Swiss Batiste Christening Gown With Tucks & French Lace$439.00
    Pintucks & Lace Heirloom Christening Gown, Slip & Bonnet$429.00
    Velveteen & Silk Dupione Christening Gown With Marabou Boa$359.00
    Embroidered Cross / Heart Eyelet Christening Gown$279.00
    Cotton Batiste Christening Gown with Embroidered Cross Design$259.00
    Heirloom Christening Gown For Boys & Girls$349.00
    Heirloom Christening Gown With Tucks, Slip & Bonnet$429.00
    Beaded Organza Christening Gown With Bonnet$349.00
    Embroidered Eyelet Christening Gown, Slip & Bonnet$289.00
    Girls Overlay Detachable Gown With Dress, Panties & Bonnet$369.00
    Silk Dupione Gown With Venice Lace & Pearl Trim$379.00
    Embroidered Netting & Pink Rosebud Silk Christening Gown$399.00
    Silk Dupione Gown With Puffing & Pearls$429.00
    English Netting Lace & Silk Dupione Christening Gown & Bonnet$479.00
    Silk Christening Gown With Pintucked Bodice With Pearls & Bonnet$379.00
    Christening Gown with Detachable Boy and Girl Bibs & Bonnet$339.00
    Girls Silk Christening Gown with Venice Lace, Personalized Slip & Bonnet$379.00
    Sheer Organza Christening Gown With Ribbon Trim$289.00
    Embroidered Organza Christening Gown with Crosses Gown & Bonnet$259.00
    Embroidered Organza With Hearts Christening Gown, Slip & Bonnet$429.00
    Girls 3 Tier Organza Christening Gown, Slip & Bonnet$329.00
    Embroidered Eyelet Voile Christening Gown$239.00
    Traditional Cotton Tucked Christening Gown & Bonnet$259.00
    Embroidered Netting Christening Gown$279.00
    Embroidered Organza Christening Gown and Hat$259.00
    Girls Satin Christening Gown with Venice Lace and Bonnet$349.00
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