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Marianne's work is simply incredible. She was able to take my wedding dress that was sitting in storage and design and construct my children's Christening outfits. Both of the outfits exceeded my expectations for creativity and craftsmanship. Further, Marianne is problem-solver. For example, I did not have enough dress fabric for Marianne to use for my son's outfit. After contacting Marianne with my concern, she was able to expertly match the fabric and integrated it into the final piece so my son's outfit could also incorporate pieces of my dress. Additionally, she was very accomodating and personable and completed all work on time at an extremely reasonable rate. I was so thankful to have found her. It is with highest accolades that I recommend Marianne for all your dress making needs.

~ Michelle


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Special thanks to each customer who has shared these Christening, First Holy Communion & baby pictures with Smocked Treasures to be used in our photo gallery ~ It is always wonderful to see such beautiful family memories created using our custom made keepsakes!

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Christening - C1

Christening - C10

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First Communion

First Communion - Addison

First Communion - Daniella

First Communion - FC1

First Communion - FC10

First Communion - FC11

First Communion - FC12

First Communion - FC13

First Communion - FC14

First Communion - FC15

First Communion - FC16

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First Communion - FC18

First Communion - FC19 Siena

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First Communion - FC21

First Communion - FC22 Boys

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First Communion - FC24

First Communion - FC25

First Communion - FC26

First Communion - FC3

First Communion - FC4

First Communion - FC5

First Communion - FC6

First Communion - FC7

First Communion - FC8

First Communion - FC9

First Communion - Kailin

First Communion - Kaitlyn

First Communion - Mary

First Communion - Patrick K


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