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“Smocked Treasures” provided us with exactly what we were looking for: an exquisitely made and elegant baptismal ensemble for our little boy which will become a family heirloom. I found a number of sites that provided hand-made baptismal gowns, but kept re-visiting Smocked Treasures. It seemed to me that the available range was carefully selected to cater to many different tastes and I was impressed that Marianne offered so many hand-made choices so we could vary the design, ensuring a personalised service (which is a bonus for online purchases). I was delighted to search through the many designs on offer (a rare find for outlets offering boy’s outfits) -the only problem was deciding which one to purchase. Marianne responded promptly to my first email inquiry and I was immediately reassured by her warm, professional and thoughtful approach; I felt entirely comfortable with going ahead with the purchase. Marianne emails customers once an order is placed so that you have the opportunity to discuss any issues (eg for us, we needed to work out an “in-between” size); while Smocked Treasures is an online business, you can be assured of a personalised service. The final product was carefully packaged and the workmanship was of the highest standard. I can highly recommend Smocked Treasures to anyone who is looking for a special, outfit of high quality for their baby’s christening. Marianne’s creation for our little baby is absolutely beautiful.

~ Melina W. Sydney, Australia


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Special thanks to each customer who has shared these Christening, First Holy Communion & baby pictures with Smocked Treasures to be used in our photo gallery ~ It is always wonderful to see such beautiful family memories created using our custom made keepsakes!

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Accessories - A1

Accessories - A2

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Christening - C0

Christening - C1

Christening - C10

Christening - C11

Christening - C12

Christening - C13

Christening - C14

Christening - C15

Christening - C16

Christening - C17

Christening - C18

Christening - C19

Christening - C2

Christening - C20

Christening - C21

Christening - C22

Christening - C23

Christening - C24

Christening - C25

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Christening - C3

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Christening - C39

Christening - C4

Christening - C40

Christening - C5

Christening - C6

Christening - C7

Christening - C8

Christening - C9

First Communion

First Communion - Addison

First Communion - Daniella

First Communion - FC1

First Communion - FC10

First Communion - FC11

First Communion - FC12

First Communion - FC13

First Communion - FC14

First Communion - FC15

First Communion - FC16

First Communion - FC17

First Communion - FC18

First Communion - FC19 Siena

First Communion - FC2

First Communion - FC20

First Communion - FC21

First Communion - FC22 Boys

First Communion - FC23

First Communion - FC24

First Communion - FC25

First Communion - FC26

First Communion - FC3

First Communion - FC4

First Communion - FC5

First Communion - FC6

First Communion - FC7

First Communion - FC8

First Communion - FC9

First Communion - Kailin

First Communion - Kaitlyn

First Communion - Mary

First Communion - Patrick K


Graduation - G1

Graduation - G2

Graduation - G3

Graduation - G4

Graduation - G5

Graduation - G6


Wedding - W1