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The christening gown and romper look ethereal. The details on the outfits, especially the gown, are truly the work of an artist. I am so happy that Ayana went along with my suggestion of Smocked Treasures as the source for her babies' christening attire. Now we have one very satisfied and excited mom. I know that these will become for their family treasured heirlooms. Thank you for the readiness with which you responded to my queries and accepted my ideas. You were not only the consummate professional but the joy that you derive from creating this unique type of attire is clearly evident. Through your creations may you continue to contribute to the special memories of families - known and unknown to you - for many more years. Once again my thanks and best wishes.

~ Patsy


Photo Galleries


Special thanks to each customer who has shared these Christening, First Holy Communion & baby pictures with Smocked Treasures to be used in our photo gallery ~ It is always wonderful to see such beautiful family memories created using our custom made keepsakes!

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Accessories - A1

Accessories - A2

Accessories - A3


Christening - C0

Christening - C1

Christening - C10

Christening - C11

Christening - C12

Christening - C13

Christening - C14

Christening - C15

Christening - C16

Christening - C17

Christening - C18

Christening - C19

Christening - C2

Christening - C20

Christening - C21

Christening - C22

Christening - C23

Christening - C24

Christening - C25

Christening - C26

Christening - C27

Christening - C28

Christening - C29

Christening - C3

Christening - C30

Christening - C31

Christening - C32

Christening - C33

Christening - C34

Christening - C35

Christening - C36

Christening - C37

Christening - C38

Christening - C39

Christening - C4

Christening - C40

Christening - C5

Christening - C6

Christening - C7

Christening - C8

Christening - C9

First Communion

First Communion - Addison

First Communion - Daniella

First Communion - FC1

First Communion - FC10

First Communion - FC11

First Communion - FC12

First Communion - FC13

First Communion - FC14

First Communion - FC15

First Communion - FC16

First Communion - FC17

First Communion - FC18

First Communion - FC19 Siena

First Communion - FC2

First Communion - FC20

First Communion - FC21

First Communion - FC22 Boys

First Communion - FC23

First Communion - FC24

First Communion - FC25

First Communion - FC26

First Communion - FC3

First Communion - FC4

First Communion - FC5

First Communion - FC6

First Communion - FC7

First Communion - FC8

First Communion - FC9

First Communion - Kailin

First Communion - Kaitlyn

First Communion - Mary

First Communion - Patrick K


Graduation - G1

Graduation - G2

Graduation - G3

Graduation - G4

Graduation - G5

Graduation - G6


Wedding - W1